The Truck That Transforms Into a Two Story Bar & Dance Stage



The festival circuit can be such a drag for those who work it. Imagine spending a full day setting up for a festival, and then working long into the night to strike down the festival set. Then, the next day you would have to drive for several hours to the next location, and repeat the entire process all over again.

Enter the XXXX Gold Retreat, a giant truck that transforms itself into a bar and dance stage in just two hours. It shortens festival prep and provides fans with a superfun entertainment option at festivals across Australia.


Unpacking the XXXX Gold Truck

Designed by a team of engineers, carpenter, truck drivers, and specialists at CrawFab, the XXXX Gold Truck is not only technically amazing, it’s super useful. CrawFab began with a standard-B double semi trailer, and then tricked it out so the the A trailer becomes a stage and the B trailer becomes a double decker bar with great festival views. You can watch the conversion happen yourself during a short 3-minute video below.


Festival-goers can watch all of the entertainment from the XXXX Gold Retreat on a giant LED screen and 5 additional flat-screen TVs. During breaks in the entertainment, the LED system can be used to run contests. The entire thing is powered by a built-in generator, and features a professional sound system throughout. As you can see from the video, the XXXX Gold Retreat attracts its fair share of festival visitors.


The XXXX Gold Retreat uses rusty iron and real timber, which gives the system a rustic feeling. The top deck and beer garden offer seating for 80; the entire complex is wheelchair accessible.


Unfortunately, most ALH fans aren’t likely to run into the XXXX Gold Retreat at their next festival — unless they live in Australia. XXXX Gold Retreat does make appearances at most of the big name festivals around Australia including music festivals, V8 Supercar, rodeos, horse racing, and super-charged car racing events like Formula One and Moto GP.


Other Goodies in Store

This video also has some other treats for America Loves Horsepower fans. Watch as fighter jets do stunts in the air and fans cheer on a racing event. You’ll even see the XXXX Gold Angels perform a booty-shaking dance routine on the stage.

Then, it’s time to pack up and head out on the road again. Luckily, the XXXX Gold Retreat can be re-packed in just a couple of hours, leaving crew members more time to enjoy their own frosty brew.


Watch this video and cross your fingers that a U.S. beer company will come up with something as cool as this one day. Until then, you may have another item to add to your bucket list for an Australia trip: Savor a pint of XXXX Gold from the beer garden of the XXXX Gold Retreat while watching the XXXX Gold Angels perform for you. If you do go Down Under and run into the XXXX Gold Retreat, remember your friends here at ALH and take some fan pics or a video for us, won’t you?