The Ultimate ’69 Mustang


Bodie Stroud, operator of Bodie Stroud Industries, is a true visionary who created one of the most bad-ass modified muscle cars we’ve ever seen.  First of all, Bodie started with a 1969 Boss Mustang – already one of the rarest and most hard to come by muscle cars ever.  Just the modification to the body of the vehicle is impressive enough – this baby started as a unibody, which was replaced by a chassis underneath.  Everything was customized, and modern features were added, such as a custom dash to hold 2011 gauges.  The build also includes a four-wheel air suspension setup and pass-throughs for the exhaust.  The real kicker, however, is what’s under the hood…

The engine installed in this Boss Mustang is a 494 cubic inch 777HP V8 – one of 10 that was made specifically for Mario Andretti’s 1969 Can-Am racer.  It was determined the engine was too big and powerful for his car, so it wasn’t able to be used.  How awesome is that?  The entire process of modifying this Mustang was captured in this short documentary, titled The Real Thing, which takes the viewer all the way through the build to the unveiling at the SEMA car show in Vegas, where Mr. Andretti himself was on hand to witness it.  Check out the video, and make sure to like and share if you love this car as much as we do.