The VR1200 is the Fastest Cadillac CTS-V in the World!

vr1200 is the fastest cadillac cts-v in the world


Watch this killer clip of the VR1200 Hennessey Cadillac CTS-V hit 220.5 mph on the new Texas toll road! The video below was a promotion for the opening of the SH130 toll road near Austin, Texas. In this video the VR1200 becomes the fastest cadillac CTS-V in the world! I’m not sure if 135 mph over the speed limit is still considered a wreckless driving violation, but if you can find a really good attorney in texas you might be able to argue it!

One thing no one will argue, is that this new cadillac is a beast. The Hennessy package could be applied to the all cts-v’s by the factory so they would be stock and would cost less then $100k, but not everyone wants over 1000hp in their daily driver! most even feel the 550+ for the stock V is too much, but those type of people don’t frequent our blog! Too much is never in the same sentence as horsepower around here! Im sure your car insurance will be sky high if you have to note that there are twin turbos in your coupe, but cadillac also offers the cadillac cts-v package for sedan or station wagon as well! Don’t you want to go buy a new cadillac after watching this video? If you liked the post, please be sure to like and share it!