This Chevy Silverado Ice Truck is the Definition of Cool




Chevy Silverado 2500 HD Ice Truck by Iceculture

If any of you guys watched this years NHL annual winter classic on New Years day, you might have seen an interesting commercial. The commercial was promoting how well the eliminator battery can perform in the harshest winter weather.

To be honest, when I saw the commercial, I didn’t think the truck was actually real. To my surprise it definitely was! The guys from Canadian Tire with the help from Iceculture, built this custom 2005 chevy silverado 2500 HD made of ice. Well, mostly of ice. Any non functional part of the truck at least.

To prove the amazing operating power of Canadian Tires Motomaster Eliminator battery, and its ablility to perform in sub zero temps, they used it to power this 15,000lb chevy ice truck, as it went for a new world record drive around Canada.

Watch the clip below, of the chevy silverado ice truck driving through a canadian town. They drove this baby almost about 4 miles, easily braking the last distance a custom built ice truck has driven by about… 4 miles! If you liked the clip, please give ‘share’ it with your buddies before you go. As always, thanks for visiting!

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