This Insane LSX Powered Willy’s Jeep Can Really Go!



Watch what happens when you combine 300 rwhp with an 1800lb willy’s jeep! There is no question that the lsx engine is one bad mutha! When you combine the corvette engine with this light little willy’s jeep your sure to have some fun!

Watch the video below of this badass jeep that right before he added 200 more hp with twin turbos! The LSX motor that debuted in 2007 in a custom 69 chevrolet camaro owned by Reggie Jackson was based off the LS7 Corvette engine and has been collecting pink slips ever since its induction! The jeep in the video might not be the safest ride, or aerodynamic ( with the flat windshield) but it sure is fun to watch and listen to! Let us know what you thought about this ride in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and share before you go!