This Pontiac Trans Am Has 1000 Horsepower and Loves to Use it



When you’re driving a 408ci LSx Trans Am pushing up to 1000 HP, makes sense you’d be willing to put it up against just about anybody on the road. We’ve got to include the disclaimer that we don’t advocate street racing…but as long as guys post videos of sweet cars going really fast, we’ll keep sharing them. This video shows off a ton of street races and guys burning rubber on the highways of Texas, and there’s some pretty bad ass cars to be seen. The video’s focus, of course, is on the “FR8TRAIN”.

The Pontiac Trans Am is featured in most of the clips, and this american brand car will get up and go, as you can see by watching it race a variety of other cars and bikes sporting some serious horsepower. The Trans Am definitely holds its own, winning outright in some cases and hanging with some stiff competition in others. The guy driving it looks like he’s having some fun, and doesn’t seem to be intimidated by anyone. Enjoy watching this collection of different street racing clips, and be sure to like and share.