Street Legal Chevy Trailblazer SS is a 9 Second Sleeper!


This Street Legal Chevy Blazer is a 9 Second Sleeper

We have all heard the saying “You can’t read a book by its cover”. Well, if that would fit on a license plate it would be on the back of this Chevrolet Trailblazer SS. Even though it might look like it, This SUV is not your average grocery getter. In fact this specific build by Race Proven Motorsports might actually be the fastest chevy blazer still in tact in the world today!

Watch the video below of this sleeper chevy running a high 9 second drag time. 9.89 seconds to be exact! In the world of high tuning and top technology in auto garages now a days, its not that rare to see 10 second rides anymore. This sub 10 second blazer that looks like it belong in a suburban driveway is a nice surprise though. With 408 cubic inches of muscle, a FR1 Procharger and a little of grandpas sipping juice (2 psi of nitrous) this beast of an SUV is laying down 1100 rear wheel horsepower! Think you could beat him? If you liked this post, be sure to ‘share’ it with your buds before you go. Thanks for watching!