Toyota Corolla Get’s a Tire Change While Driving




Toyota Corolla Car Gets a Tire Change While Driving!

Watch this interesting approach the Saudi’s are taking to changing a tire! This toyota corolla is in for a real treat. There is a new craze hitting the Saudi desert called “sidewalk skiing”. These creative daredevils frantically cut the wheel of their cars at 40 mph+ in an attempt to over end the vehicle, then carefully maneuver around on two wheels as long as they can before dropping the other two back down.

In one interview one of the “members” of this crack pot team, insist this is really not dangerous at all. Now I can appreciate the creativity, and not to mention the efficient management of time, but not dangerous? Come on!

The next time you need to changer your cars tires or give them a quick rotation, and you realize your jack is broken; do you think you’ll get some buds together and give “sidewalk skiing” a try? Are there car mechanics really that bad? If you liked this post, be sure to ‘share’ it!