Toyota GT86 Sports Car Sets World Record for Fastest Drift

fastest vehicle drift




We bet you’ve never seen drifting this fast – mainly because this world record was just set within the last couple of days for the fastest recorded drift! This feat was accomplished by Polish driver Jakub Przygonski, and it’s pretty impressive. Jakub achieved an entry speed of 159 miles-per-hour and a speed of 134.8 mph during his drift, which is utterly ridiculous – the fastest we could find before that was around 115 miles per hour. Jakub made his record-breaking run at Airport Biala Podlaska near Warsaw, Poland.

Just check out the video – that speed is fast enough simply driving in a straight line, but to achieve it while drifting is insane. The feat is legit, too – it was just certified by Guinness World Records as the fastest drift recorded. Hey, if those guys say it is, we believe them. Jakub’s car of choice is a 1068 horsepower Toyota GT86, specifically built for drifting at high speeds. Sign this dude up for a Fast & Furious movie with Vin Diesel – we think he’s ready. If you enjoyed watching this record-breaking run, be sure to like and share so others can see it, too.