Turbo Destroyer: A ’08 1200 Harley Sportster By DP Customs


DP Customs Turbo Destroyer Harley Sportster

The well known bike builders at DP Customs have put together what might just be the meanest sportster to hit the streets in quite some time. Thanks to the creative request of a Denver race car driver, the Del Padro brothers had the green light to build this 154hp monster!

His request was a turbo harley drag bike that wouldn’t wheelie on every twist of the throttle. This was going to take some customizing, and that is exactly what Jarrod and Justin specialize in at DP Customs!


They began by stretching the hard tail rear 8″ and cutting into the stock frame to drop a custom lowered seat, to drop the center of gravity. This was the first step, but the more important one to help prevent the front wheel from climbing to the sky every time the rider got on it.

Of course the stock 1200 sportster engine wouldn’t give him as much trouble, but thats no fun is it? No, especially not for a man thats used to riding the redline on a daily basis. After removing the front end of the sportster motorcycle and replacing it with an Öhlins suspension from a Ducati motorcycle, the guys sent the Destroyer off to become the “Turbo Destroyer”.


Who better to do it, then the boys at Trask Performance? There the 2008 Harley Sporsters got Screamin’ Eagle heads, and a turbo charger which brought specs up to 154 hp and 132 lb-ft (179 Nm).

A Thundermax ECU was also provided and hidden in the small rear cowl, while the custom battery box and all electronics are under the seat. Even the tank started as a H-D unit but got cut and turned into a completely new, bespoke one.

The Turbo Destroyer was built for speed, not for comfort and the Del Prado brothers say it delivers just the right amount of extreme. I would say so! How about you? Wouldn’t the addition of your smiling mug, be the perfect complement atop this badass Harley custom?

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