Viral Drunk Driving Prank Becoming Great PSA Campaign!




Drunk Driving Prank on Comedian’s Buddy Goes Viral

As hilarious as this video is to watch, the subplot is not quite as funny. Comedian and YouTuber Tom Mabe has been very concerened for his friends well being lately. Him and his group of friends have had it, with the multiple accounts of dangerous drunk driving incidents this guy has racked up (a total of 5 in fact!)

Well, Mabe had a great idea right from the book of “Scared Straight”. Mabe decided it would be better to scare him into thinking he just ruined his life or someoneelses before he actual does so. This was not going to be easy, and took the help of many to accomplish, but boy do they accomplish it.

The prank involved turning an office into a makeshift hospital room, complete with medical equipment, nurses, docotrs and all. Mabe and his accomplices then waited for their friend to pass out in his car and brought him, without his knowledge, to the fake hospital.

When the friend awoke, he was told that he had been in a coma for 10 years! To really make the notion of being out that long stick, the pranksters even set up fake news rolls, that they nonchalantly played for him on the hospital room tv.

With the fact that Mabe is a very popular YouTuber, isn’t yet certain wether this was a true prank or the victim was actually in on it the whole time, but one way or another, a valuable point gets across to millions in the funny video below. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!