Watch This Vintage 1960 Chevrolet Corvair Car Commercial!



Vintage 1960 Chevrolet Corvair Compact Car Commercial Made Us Want to Buy One Today!

Watch this nostalgic chevy commercial below. With the all to common narrator voice that sounds like he can never tell a lie, to the grainy color tone of the promo. This clip really brought us back!

More than that, it really worked. Watch the 1960 compact car commercial and tell me you don’t want to buy a corsair right now! It is really impressive watching the classic car handle the whoops, and gravel, and handling courses. I can only imagine the impression it left on folks in the 60’s!

The river crossing was by far the most impressive. Seems you didn’t need a lifted truck to get where you needed to go off the beaten path. You just needed a 1960 chevrolet corsair! We hope you enjoy the quick trip back to the 60’s in this fun chevy promo. Be sure to ‘share’ the post with your pals before you go. Thanks for watching!