Wave Steals Lifeguard’s Ford Escape SUV and Later His Job!



Watch how this unfortunate Zuma Beach lifeguard somehow lets his ford escape suv get taken away by the rising tide. Since there isn’t much info on this video, we are going to assume for the sake of a good read.

First off, its not said that he actually lost his job, but we can only imagine that after the Zuma beach lifeguard office watched this footage of their $30k Ford Escape SUV floating away, that they weren’t to delighted.

Second, the footage clearly shows that the lifeguards only concern seems to be his shoes and clothes. The quick thinking lifeguard didn’t want to risk them getting wet. If you listen clearly you can hear one of the guys next to the camera man explain that he saw the SUV come rolling toward the surf from the corner of his eye. After enjoying the thought of seeing something like that ourselves, we came to the conclusion that the lifeguard must not have applied the parking break before climbing his ladder to the lifeguard chair. Tisk, Tisk!

This is definitely something the Hoff would have frowned upon in Baywatch, we can tell you that. Hope their insurance policy covered rising tides. If you liked the funny vid, don’t forget to ‘share’ it before you go. Thanks for watching!