Werth Brothers’ Airplane Tail Grab Motorcycle Stunt!


Death Defying Airplane Tail Grab on a Motorcycle

This stunt is absolutely mind blowing! The sheer danger the pilot and the motorcycle rider are in is crazy enough, not to mention they take it one step further by trying to connect both the rider and the plane at high speed.

The Werth brothers have been pulling off stunts for years, but this one right here takes the cake. It must be something with the connection of brotherhood that allowed to pull this crazy airplane tail grab stunt off int he first place.

How else does the pilot know how low to get and when he can take back to the sky. Dude is inches from the ground and inverted for Christ’s sake! Watch the go pro clip below of the Werth brothers pulling off one of my favorite motorcycle airplane stunt combos ever! If you liked it as much as we did, be sure to give it a ‘share’ and get these boys some props!