Woman Parking Mercedes-Benz E-550 Regrets Decision



The comedy of errors that unfolds when this lady parks her Mercedes-Benz E-550 is unreal. It’s hard to fathom this many unfortunate events happening to one person, much less in the span of about 15 seconds! It’s been a while since a video made us laugh like this, and we think you’ll get a kick out of it, as well.

It begins with our subject slowly and very cautiously backing her car down the driveway. She seems pretty unsure, but we’ll give it to her – she does manage to maneuver between the cars and the wall and avoid any incidents up until that point. Then, her mistake – something catches her eye in the driveway, and she parks the car and gets out to take a closer look.

Parking brakes are made for a reason, and we think she now knows why. The downslope of the driveway allows the car to begin rolling, and soon enough it’s really moving. Luckily, she notices in time and gets out of the way before getting run over. We assume she ran alongside the car to attempt to jump in and hit the brakes, but it’s very definitely too late. The car slams into the garage, and she goes face-first into the driver-side door, laying her out on the driveway. Ouch…we guarantee that left a bruise. Fortunately, someone saw what happened, and runs to her aid. She was very fortunate, and escaped the incident with fairly minor injuries. Now we don’t have to feel quite so bad for getting a good belly laugh out of her misfortune. Like and share if you did, as well.