World’s Fastest Volkswagen Golf?



We bet when you think of words like speed, horsepower, and muscle car, there are a lot of cars that come to mind – Mustangs, Corvettes, Vipers, and more. But a Volkswagen Golf? Seems like a vehicle for a middle-aged guy who spends 40 hours a week in a cubicle, right? Well, when you’re talking about this particular VW Golf MK1, things change just a bit. This heavily modified Volkswagen Golf has over 1000 horsepower under the hood, and man can it fly!

You’re watching the first test runs of this Volkswagen, and we were definitely impressed. You don’t see a ton of cars that can do 0-100 kmh (fairly close to 60 mph) in 2.0 seconds, but that’s exactly what this car achieved with its 1.8 L 16V KR Turbo Engine. And we’ve definitely never heard a VW Golf that sounds like this one, but we’d be lying if we said we wouldn’t love to take it out for a spin. What do you guys think – impressive or does it pale in comparison to good ol’ American muscle? Be sure to like and share either way.