World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle



It sure doesn’t look the part, but you may very well be looking at the world’s most expensive motorcycle. Made by Turkish motorcycle fanatic Tarhan Telli, this motorcycle is made from an actual gold frame, which we assume doesn’t provide much in the way of structure, but sure drives up the cost. This gold motorcycle has a valuation of over $1 million, and has been submitted to the Guiness Book of World Records as the most expensive motorcycle in the world.

There are certainly some interesting components of this creation, namely the Greek mythological pieces such as Medusa on the fuel tank. However, we’re a bit confused as to why the trouble was taken to make the gold frame appear so old and rustic. With some of the awesome steampunk bikes created in recent years with copper and bronze accents, you’d think the gold would be used to really make this bike stand out. Instead, the creator went the opposite way, choosing to make this bike appear as though it were some Greek relic unearthed by archaeologists. Regardless, it’s definitely a bike worth checking out. What do you think – cool idea, or waste of all that precious metal? Don’t forget to like and share and give us your opinion.